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MFA står för Made För AdSense. Detta är en liten guide som beskriver hur man bygger sånna.

  1. Find an expensive and popular keyword. We used TheDowser Niche Database. It took us 1 minute.
  2. Register a junk domain like "" or "". We haven't ordered any domain specifically for this purpose, but used one of our experimental domains (totally unrelated to the main theme of MFA web site).
  3. Extract search results from Google or any other search engine. It took us 5 minutes.
  4. Create HTML page with these search results. It took us 7 minutes.
  5. Insert Google AdSense code in the way that search results aren't visible without scrolling. It took us 10 minutes.
  6. Upload html file to your web site. It took us 2 minutes.
  7. Create a new Google AdWords campaign for this keyword by copying any other MFA campaign. It took us 10 minutes.
  8. Wait for 15 minutes until you will see first clicks from Google AdWords, wait for another 15 minutes until you will see new clicks on Google AdSense.

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